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Clutch BT
Important info:
Check out the Clutch BT youtube page at

Level 70 Cataclysm Guild- Borean Tundra
Clutch BT is a guild full of fun players who call eachother family. We're very active, having heights of 15 players online who love to pvp and do raids (which we do weekly). Unlike a lot of the other twink guilds out there that have overdosed on 70, we dont have that much of an ego and are soley capped at 70 for the content and experiance, not the lack of competition. Though we dont have enough 70s to put together an all 70 raid, we wish to at one point and have enough 85s to keep us going until then. Currently recruiting, and looking for more competition, Clutch BT is a great home for those who love arena, wargames, bgs (rated/CTA), raids, tournaments (with prizes of course ;), and participating in fun events- no silly applications just send an in-game tell and join! XD


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Raid issues, Oct 18, 11 12:02 PM.
Hello again guys jugg here, just need to make a few thing's known. (Clutchbt) is Growing at a rate none of us expected we need to clearify raid time's. Iliketofu stealfrompor and myself are going to be running every saturday and friday, this of course helps us ALOT if there is any issues with raids you can send me mail Via in game thanks guys and remeber          

                            We are Legandary!

News, 10-15-2011

stealfrompor, Oct 15, 11 10:32 PM.
Alright, so ive decided to change the "weekly news" to "whenever I have time for news or theres enough events to actually make an article" XD. A lot has happened since the last news article and were preparing for tournament on the 28th!
New Clutch Vid- The guild has been working pretty hard on a new clutch bt vid and it should be coming out in late october early november; be on the look out in the guild website! If you wish to be in it I need to know asap, any ideas would be awesome and im running out of music so you really gotta hurry ;). 
New Policies- there have been some new policies going around that are posted on the site- obviously the people reading the article are the ones who get the advantage XD.  There will be new policies that we wont be telling people about in the guild as a little incentive. The first to come out was the reservation policy in the info section- check it out; a new one about adding to roles may be coming out in the near future!
Tournament- alright, tournament wil be on the 28th! be sure your there to support guildies and participate for fun, possible montage coming out after it. And incentive to win of course! If your a victor, you will be mentioned on the wall of fame and granted 1k gold! these will happen once every 2-3 months so no biggy if you cant make this one XD
Lottery- Ive decided to make the lottery a once every 2 month kind of thing, but please congratulate our last victory Lutharion! it was a fun event that people said they would like to participate in again so be on the look out for it next month XD

Rated Bgs continued, Sep 30, 11 11:16 AM.
Hello again guys, Jugg here just whanted to update about are rated BG Progression. <Clutch BT> has been Very aactive for the past 4 months, We have about 7 BiS geared 1750-2.400  Pvpers, Who are in are "Core" group. We are Always recruting more 70's but we are in Need of . Geared (Hunters) and (mages)  who can Co-op Good with directions and teammates for sucsecfull Rated bgs.    I will be giving out personal information to Contact me With about further Directions, Send  Juggernut an ingame Tell, or Mail and i will get back to you Asap.     

                          <Clutch BT> We are legandary 

Weekly News 9-19

stealfrompor, Sep 19, 11 9:42 PM.
Hey guys, decided to just to 1 news letter a week since doing one every time a topic came up was a tad over whelming. Obviously clutch has been very active recently and thus a lot of events have spawned- please be sure ur keeping up with them!!! :)
Clutch Race- Clutch bt will be hosting a race for lvl ones that contains obsticales created by opposing players- the fun part will be finishing the race with the top few to move on to the next round till finally, the grand prize is claimed by the first person to enter tofus chopper- thus winning that person a chopper! its going to be really exciting and promising as members scurry to sign up- be warned those who have interest and havnt- its this friday!!!
Race Instructions/Guide!-

Kara vs Clutch- Clutch finally got an all lvl 70 10 member raiding group going, with absolutely no help from 85s. A montage was put together to celebrate our success and many members thought this activity of 70 only raid members was extremely fun- and so we did kara again the following week XD
Epic Kara Montage- XD

5v5??- who woulda thought twinks could easily do 5v5s yet this week weve been getting instant 5v5 ques! our curent clutch team is nearing 1k so were going to start choosing core players to reach 2.2k with- if you want to be in this core group please contact tofu, jug, or I for try outs asap! if we get enough try out applicants we will make 2 teams and possibly do some win trades XD (remember, places could be chosen for class combination, not skill- so if your class fights you have as much of a shot as someone whos really good!)

Guild Lottery- currently at 284 gold were always looking for people to participate! it donates to clutch and gives everyone a fun time at a chance to win a little gold- just send mail to Stealfrompor with the amount of tickets you wish (max of 40, 1 gold=1 ticket). Deadline is the end of the month so hurry! :)

Tournament?- the next tournament will probebly be held sometime in janurary so be on the watch out for that- as always you get listed in the hall of fame along with every other tourny winner! XD

on a side note, ive noticed that people are more active during the weekdays... on wednesday we would have about 17 on but on saturady we would have about 3- its interesting yet awesome in some ways. Be sure you guys log on at the weekends for fun raids as well as weekdays :)

thanks for reading!

Class Mentors!

stealfrompor, Sep 8, 11 9:40 PM.
We just briefly mentioned class mentors in guild chat and were amazed at how many people replied and approved of this idea. Pretty much we will elect people who have been very devoted to the guild and demonstrated a knowledge of their class to an outstanding level by recieving a 2k+ achievement among other things; we will be comfortable with them teaching others of their class in both pve or pvp. We will be creating a new rank for this in hopes to make it easier to access when others have questions or have questions- of course in game tell is always welcome yet you can always send a letter if your having trouble contating! Please read the info on the left hand side of the screen for the current class mentors! (please note that we will not fill the slot if we do not feel we have a person of that class that meets our standards)

New clutch BT vid, Sep 6, 11 10:49 PM.
I will be creating a new Clutch BT vid :D in the works

Clutch and the Lottery

stealfrompor, Sep 4, 11 7:31 PM.
We have had some requests for a lottery and finally we've found an acceptable addon that functions very well. You can purchase a ticket for 1 gold, up to a max of 20 ticks, for a chance to win the guild jackpot in this monthly event. The Lottery is currently at a jackpot of 103 gold; continue it for a chance to gain an awesome gold prize and contribute to the guild!

Rated bgs?

stealfrompor, Sep 4, 11 1:36 PM.
My experiance accross the server to thrall for more pvp has taught me something, all the battlegroups are combined and there are a bit of low experianced teams out there we could face. Because theres the option of fighting hero or any other high rated guild, id be open to making a team if we brought some of the new players up. We need a base team that could do a couple rated bgs every saturday, and alternates to that team. At the moment, we have priest, mage, and a dk- we will accept most classes other than another dk. Please, if you have any interest in doing a wargame, let me know on Stealfrompor or Powerwrdhump so that you can get trained high enough to fight these intense teams accross the battlegroups- happy killings! XD

Need help leveling professions?, Sep 3, 11 7:53 PM.
I have Done all my Professions using this Website and Hopefully it can help you also :)

Looking to cross server recruit

stealfrompor, Sep 3, 11 5:34 PM.
As youve noticed, clutch bt is making a huge come back! We are currently recruiting accross battlegroups through bgs and posting forums- trying to bring attention to our name. Please continue to comment and post on those forms to bring more attention to them in hopes that people will join Clutch BT to try us out and add on to the awesome experiance of creating and playing a cata twink! If one of you were attracted to our site through this method- then let that be a notice that its working and we would love to talk to you ingame; send a whisper to me (stealfrompor) or majlnior for more information!
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be somewhat devoted to the guild, logging on atleast once a week

be open to take critism well

dont rage

no ego XD
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